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Link a Google Play developer account to Display & Video 360

You can link a Google Play developer account to Display & Video 360 to easily track app installs as part of your mobile app promotion campaigns, without adding or implementing any code. This makes it easy to get started on app install campaigns without having to make changes in your Android app.

Linking process

Before you can track installs from Google Play, you must link your Display & Video 360 advertiser to the Google Play developer account that owns your app. 

Advertisers who use Campaign Manager 360

If your advertiser uses Campaign Manager 360, this linking process is managed entirely in Campaign Manager 360. See Link a Google Play developer account to Campaign Manager 360 for more information.

Link a Display & Video 360 advertiser to Google Play 

  1. Start in your Display & Video 360 advertiser.

  2. Then navigate to Resources > Floodlight > Basic Details > Integrations.

  3. In the Google Play section, click the Pencil icon / edit icon.

  4. In the Google Play panel, click Add Google Play Account Link and enter the email address of the developer that owns the app you want to track on Google Play. When you are finished, click Done.

  5. Back on the Basic Details tab, click Save to send the link request. This will send an email notification to the developer asking them to visit Google Play developer console to approve (or deny) your account linking request.

  6. Wait for the app developer to approve your request in Google Play developer console.

    If you've been waiting for a few days and still haven't been approved or rejected, you can come back to the Google Play Account section of your advertiser's Basic Details activities to click Send reminder to send another email to the app developer.

  7. Once your linking request has been approved, you can create pixels that correspond to app installs from Google Play.


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