Resubmit creatives for approval

All creatives have to be approved before they can be served by line items. New creatives are automatically sent through the approval process once they're assigned to an active line item. However, if a creative is rejected, you should make the necessary changes to correct the creative, then resubmit it for approval to start the creative audit process again.

How to resubmit creatives for approval

You can resubmit rejected creatives for approval from the "Creatives" tab of your advertiser or from the Creative Details page of a specific creative. You can submit a given creative for approval up to 5 times each. After 5 times, you'll need to contact support for assistance.

  1. To see your advertiser's creatives, open the advertiser, then click Creatives in the left menu.

  2. Find the creatives you want to submit:

    1. To submit multiple creatives: Select the checkboxes next to the creatives you want to submit for approval.

    2. To submit one creative: Click the name of your creative and scroll down to the Audit information section.

  3. Once you've selected one or more creatives, click:

    1. Resubmit for approval > All pending or rejected to have your selected creatives audited by all exchanges that require creative review.

      If a given creative was already approved by an exchange, it will remain "Approved" and won't be resent for approval.

    2. Resubmit for approval > Display & Video 360 & Google Ad Manager to have your selected creatives audited by Display & Video 360 and Ad Manager's review process.

    3. Resubmit for approval > [a specific exchange] to have your selected creatives audited by a specific exchange.

After you submit a creative for approval on a specific exchange, the creative's exchange status will be set to "Pending", even if the creative had already been approved by the exchange. This will prevent your creative from serving on the exchange until the creative is approved again. Creative reviews typically take less than a day to complete.

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