Online Behavioral Advertising (OBA) settings

By default, Display & Video 360 will manage your advertiser's ads Online Behavioral Advertising (OBA) compliance and will automatically insert an AdChoices icon on their creatives.

However, if your advertiser already includes the AdChoices icon on their creatives, you can prevent Display & Video 360 from adding an additional AdChoices icon by following the instructions in the following section. This setting can't be changed on a creative-by-creative basis.

1x1 pixels may misalign your creatives

When Display & Video 360's OBA compliance is enabled, 1x1 pixels may cause your creatives to be pushed down in the ad slots where they're displayed. To remedy this: 

  • Don't use image event tags in Campaign Manager if you're using Display & Video 360's OBA compliance. Script event tags are OK.
  • If there are 1x1 pixels in your creatives' HTML, try adding style="display:none" to your 1x1 pixel's HTML to make the pixel invisible. Make sure to verify your pixels are still capturing data accurately after you've applied this style.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Can Display & Video 360 add the AdChoices icon to video creatives?

No. Please make sure your video creative already contains the AdChoices icon before it's assigned to line items in Display & Video 360.

Prevent duplicate AdChoices icons from being displayed

Follow these steps to prevent Display & Video 360 from adding an AdChoices icon to your advertiser's creatives.

Note: Disabling OBA compliance will not affect native ads, because the publisher renders the creative and adds the AdChoices icon, if supported.

  1. Start by navigating to your advertiser's basic details.
  2. In the OBA Compliance Options section, uncheck the "Use Display & Video 360's Online Behavioral Advertising (OBA) compliance for my tags" checkbox.
  3. Click save at the bottom of the page.

Once you've saved your changes, Display & Video 360 won't add the AdChoices icon to any of the advertiser's creatives.

You must make sure your advertiser adds their own custom OBA logo to their creatives outside of Display & Video 360 if you turn off this setting.
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