Preferred deals and private inventory

Add an inventory source to Display & Video 360

To add a new preferred deal or private auction inventory source to Display & Video 360, please follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to your Display & Video 360 account.

  2. From the left menu, select Inventory > My Inventory

  3. Select New > New non-guaranteed inventory

  4. Enter the following details for the new inventory source:
    1. Name: The name of the deal or inventory source.
    2. ID: The Deal ID of the inventory.
    3. Seller name: The name of the seller.
    4. Exchange: Which exchange the inventory source is facilitated through.
    5. Format: The format of the inventory.
    6. Creative req: The creative requirement of the inventory.
    7. Rate type: The rate type, CPM (fixed) or CPM (floor).
    8. Rate: The price (or "minimum bid", "price floor", etc.) CPM you've agreed to pay per impression.
    9. Start date and End date: The start and end dates of the deal.
    10. Advertiser: Specify which advertisers should have access to the new inventory source.
Inventory sources can't be changed from being a "preferred deal" to being a "private auction" (or vice versa) once the inventory source has been saved.
  1. Finally, click Save once you're done configuring your new inventory source.

Receiving inventory on video deals, means that you are receiving inventory on a video player. So if the video player is embedded on another site, Display & Video 360 will still serve impressions on the video player, and reporting will show the site where impression was served. 

If you don't want to serve on the sites where the video is embedded, you must specifically target the sites where you'd like to your ad to show. For example, if the deal is for video site, you would target to avoid showing your ads on the sites that embedded videos from

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