Creative guidelines

Guidelines for mobile creatives

Below are the most common requirements for mobile creatives. 

Technical requirements

  • Animation duration: Ads can only animate for 30 seconds or less.

  • Autoplay: Ads that autoplay audio are prohibited. (Ads that autoplay video are OK, as long as the audio is muted.) 

  • Pop ups: Ads that spawn popups or surveys are prohibited.

  • File types: PNG, JPG, GIF, or HTML5.  

  • Size: Creatives must be 150 KB or less on their initial load. Additional load must be "polite" and can't exceed 2.2 MB.

  • Technology:  Make sure that “Requires MRAID” is selected in the technology type of your creative on its individual details page if the creative is built specifically for mobile devices (requires tapping, swiping, or other mobile-specific interactions). Display & Video 360 supports all MRAID creative types, including MRAID 3D Cube rich media creatives.

General inventory availability by environment

  • Mobile display:

    Environment Recommended creative type Inventory
    Mobile web HTML5 or static image All
    Mobile app HTML5, static image, or MRAID AppNexus, Google Ad Manager, MoPub, ONE by AOL: Mobile
    Mobile app interstitial HTML5, static image, or MRAID ONE by AOL: Video, Google Ad Manager, MoPub, ONE by AOL: Mobile, Rubicon
  • Mobile video:

    Environment Recommended creative type Inventory
    Mobile web VAST (or VPAID) All
    Mobile app VAST (or VPAID) ONE by AOL: Video, BidSwitch, Brightroll, Google Ad Manager, Improve Digital, MoPub, ONE by AOL: Mobile, SpotXchange
    Mobile app interstitial VAST (or MRAID) ONE by AOL: Video, Google Ad Manager, MoPub, ONE by AOL: Mobile

Common creative dimensions

  Mobile web App
Smartphone 300×250 320 × 50 (most common)
320×50 320 × 480 / 320 × 480*
250×250 300 × 250
Tablets 300×250 728 × 90
728×90 320 × 50
160×600 300 × 250
468×60 768 × 1024 / 768 × 1024*

* Most common interstitial dimensions 

Standard IAB ad sizes (for example, 728 × 90) can occasionally show on mobile devices.

Mobile video requirements

  • Format and file types: Learn more about our guidelines for video creatives.

  • Inventory: For information on which exchanges provide mobile video inventory, see the list of supported exchanges. Specific requirements may vary per exchange, so always consult each exchange's documentation to confirm that your creatives will be eligible to serve.

Mobile interstitial requirements

  • Dimensions: The most common interstitial dimensions are 320×480 for smartphones and 768×1024 for tablets. Be sure to traffic both portrait- and landscape-oriented creatives in the same line item to ensure your line item will be eligible to bid on all interstitial bid requests.

  • File types: Images and HTML5 creative assets are supported. Please note, 0×0 flex creatives served by third-party ad servers are not currently supported. 

  • Inventory: Currently, ONE by AOL: Video, Google Ad Manager, MoPub, ONE by AOL: Mobile, and Rubicon support mobile interstitial inventory, however this list is likely to change over time.

Make a mobile impression with Studio

Creatives built in Studio can automatically sync with Display & Video 360 and Campaign Manager. Studio uses standardized templates, which make it easy to build user-friendly mobile, rich media creatives. To learn more, see the Rich Media Gallery.

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