Device targeting

Use device targeting to target people based on:

  • Device type: The category of physical hardware someone is using. Options for device type include:
    • Computer
    • Connected TV, which includes all devices that fit into the following descriptions:
      • Connected devices: Devices that connect to a TV screen to display video streams (Roku, Apple TV, etc.)
      • Smart TV: TVs with integrated Internet connections (Samsung Smart TV, etc.)
      • Gaming consoles: Internet-connected gaming consoles (Xbox, PlayStation, Wii, etc.)
      • Set top boxes: Devices delivering traditional cable and video on demand content.
    • Tablet (includes other small mobile devices, like Android powered cameras)
    • Smartphone
  • Makes and models: Individual hardware options from the types of devices listed above
  • Operating system: Specific operating systems for the types of devices listed above.

For example, to target iPad users, open a line item or insertion order, navigate to Targeting and then Device and then Makes and models, search for "iPad", then click the green check mark next to each model.

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