Pixels in Display & Video 360 are now Floodlight activities

Display & Video 360 now supports the global site tag for conversion measurement. We’re recommending that customers update their Floodlight activity implementation to use the global site tag in order to benefit from the latest features and integrations.

What's changing

What were once pixels in Display and Video 360, are now Floodlight activities. Campaign Manager users may be familiar with the new terminology, and the changes to functionality. Display & Video 360 users that don't use Campaign Manager will find that the term "pixel" was changed to "Floodlight activity",  the pixel creation interface has changed, and the steps to configure the recording of sales, cost, and transaction data have been updated.  

About Floodlight activities

A Floodlight activity is a snippet of HTML code that is used to track conversions, add users to remarketing lists, and pass information about sales transactions.

Generally speaking, pixels and Floodlight activities are very similar, and moving forward, Floodlight activities will be used for conversion and event tracking in Display & Video 360. This will allow for closer integration with Campaign Manager, and simpler workflows in Display & Video 360. There is no need to retag your sites.

Navigation changes

Navigate to your advertiser > Resources > Floodlight to see your list of Floodlight activities, and edit basic details for you advertiser.

Click into a Floodlight activity (or create a new one) to manage that Floodlight activity's basic details, or view its code (to place on the website you want to track events on).

Each Floodlight activity will have a Floodlight activity ID and a legacy Display & Video 360 ID. Both will be available in reporting for now.

Learn more about creating Floodlight activities

Sales, cost, and transaction data

Sales, cost, and transaction data are now recorded based on your activity's type and counting method. Learn more

Enable TrueView

To enable TrueView, you'll need to enable Dynamic tags in your advertiser > Resources > Floodlight > Basic details > Web tag settings. You'll also need to enable Conversion tracking for TrueView inventory in  your Floodlight activitybasic details.

If you manage you manage your Floodlight activities in Display & Video 360, the dynamic tag setting is currently only used for TrueView tracking enablement. 



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