Best practices for new campaigns

Design your strategy

When creating a new campaign for an advertiser, we generally suggest you structure your insertion orders so they include the following three types of line items, which roughly correspond to various stages of a "sales funnel."

  1. Top of the funnel

    Prospecting line items are line items with very broad targeting that are used to discover which users are receptive to your ads.

  2. Mid funnel

    Behaviorally targeted line items (also known as "audience-targeted" line items) are line items with slightly more specific targeting that are intended to be used to refine your existing audience lists and discover new audiences that are similar to your target audience.

  3. Bottom of the funnel

    Remarketing line items are line items that use pixels—or Floodlight, if your advertiser uses Campaign Manager—to target users who have been to your advertiser's pages in the past.

General guidelines for new insertion orders

  • Use insertion order and line item frequency caps to limit the maximum number times an individual user sees your ads.

  • Consider using automatic budget allocation so that Display & Video 360 can automatically reallocate your line items' budgets based on performance. Otherwise, keep your line items' budgets flexible when they're just starting out, and then reallocate their budgets manually based on their performance relative to each other.

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