Track partner costs

A partner cost is any type of expense involved in running a campaign, other than the costs of purchasing impressions (which is called the media cost) and using third-party audience segment data (data fee). Some examples of partner costs include the fees for using Display & Video 360, a third-party ad server, or a third-party ad serving verification service.

Fields used to track partner costs

Please see the following for descriptions of each of the partner cost-related fields:

  • Use the CPM cost fields if your partner cost is a fixed amount (CPM) on top of the media cost of your line items.

    Don't use the "CPM cost 1" field to track third-party data fees, since these fees are automatically added to your line item's cost reporting.
  • Use the media cost fields if your partner cost is a percentage surcharge based on the media cost of your line items.

    Frequently, the "Media cost 1" field is used to track the fee for using Display & Video 360.
  • The cost type drop down menu is used to keep track of what the partner cost is for.

  • The invoiced checkbox is used to track if you should be billed for the cost.

    Select this checkbox if the cost is going to be billed through Display & Video 360 (for instance, if a third-party is going to invoice Google Marketing Platform for a service, and then Google Marketing Platform will be passing this charge along to you). Leave this checkbox unselected if your third-party partner is going to charge you directly.

Set partner costs

You can set default partner costs for all line items and insertion orders that belong to a partner, or you can set partner costs for individual line items or insertion orders.

  • Default partner costs: A partner's "default" partner costs will be applied to any new line items or insertion orders created for the partner. You must change the partner costs for existing line items and insertion orders manually.

  • Partner costs for an insertion order: Partner costs set for individual insertion orders will overwrite your partner's default partner costs. However, like default partner costs, you must change the partner costs for any existing line items manually.

  • Partner costs for a line item: Any partner costs set for an individual line item will overwrite both any partner costs that were automatically inherited from the line item's insertion order or partner.

Default partner costs

When a new Display & Video 360 account is created, default partner costs can be set so that all insertion orders and line items created for the partner's advertisers have certain partner costs already specified by default. These default partner costs will be overwritten by any partner costs set for individual insertion orders or line items.

Where do I set default partner costs?

To set default partner costs:

  1. Navigate to your Partner, then navigate to Partner Costs in the left menu.
  2. In the page that opens, set your "Default additional costs".
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