Coming soon: Reporting updates in June 2021

Changes are estimated the week of June 7, 2021
The metric name changes in offline reports and Data Transfer referenced in the March 2021 reporting updates will now go into effect the week of June 7, 2021.

Display & Video 360

Changes to reporting dimensions

 Time of Day

  • Values returned by the Time of Day dimension will change from single digit to double digit.
    • For example 0 will be 00, 2 will be 02, and 10 will be 10. 
  • The change is being made to make values easier to sort. 
  • Scheduled reports will continue to run with the new values.

Creative Attributes

The Creative Attributes dimension in DV360 reporting will no longer return the following values:

  • Active View
  • Flash
  • Flash with HTML5 Backup

Scheduled reports will continue to run, but these values will no longer appear in reports.

Refund Reason

  • A value of Other one off credits i.e. Budget Adjustments will be returned instead of TrueView Budget Adjustment  
  • The change is being made to support expansion of automated credits for overspend to include non-TrueView spend.
  • Scheduled reports will continue to run with the new values.

Removal of Dashboards feature

  • The dashboards feature will be removed from Display & Video 360.
  • The change is being made because of low/no usage, and to make room for better connections between Display & Video 360 and Data Studio and additional instant reporting functionality.
  • Report delivery won't be affected.

Report file exports in French locales

  • The word "metric" is translated to French inconsistently across Google products (for example, statistique, variable, métrique).
  • All translations will be standardized to métrique. 
  • All reports exported in French will be affected.

Removal of expression filters in reporting API

  • Userlist expression filters (which allow API users to use complex logic for audience lists) will be removed from the reporting API.
  • The change is being made because of low/no usage, and to align the API experience with the reporting interface.

Removal of YouTube Adapted Audience report

  • The YouTube Adapted Audience report will be removed from the reporting interface.
  • The change is being made because of low/no usage.
  • There are no existing scheduled reports that use this report type.

Campaign Manager 360

Changes to Brand Safe Ads

  • Campaigns that use the ad blocking feature will only have a single brand safe ad assigned across all placements.
  • If you report on blocked impressions you will see one brand safe ad per campaign.
  • This change will be made to existing campaigns as well as new campaigns moving forward.
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