Changes to creative details

To make it easier to troubleshoot creative issues, we've moved all creative details related to creative review, feedback, line item eligibility, and policy information to the new Creative status tab. This should help reduce the clutter on the creative details page and give you one place to go to for creative troubleshooting.

Whenever you're checking on the creative review status or which line items a creative is assigned to, remember to go to the Creative status tab instead of the Creative details tab.

Summary of changes

New Creative status tab added to all creatives

This new tab has the following sections:

  • Creative summary (New) – Information about the creative, including creative attributes, when the creative was created, and when it was last edited.
  • Information moved from the Creative details tab:
    • Display & Video 360 review – The creative review status, feedback, restrictions, and destination URLs.
    • Exchange review – The exchange review status when the creative is assigned to line items that target exchanges with their own review process.
    • Line items – The line items the creative is assigned to.
  • Line item eligibility (New) – The creative's assignment eligibility for line item types, targeting, or features that have creative restrictions.

Other changes:

  • Audit information label removed.
  • The "Details" tab was renamed to "Creative details".

For more details, see: About the creative review process

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