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On December 31, 2021, linear TV buying will no longer be supported and existing campaigns will stop serving. Connected TV will remain available.

About linear TV line items

Linear TV line items offer you the ability to programmatically buy ads on live, real-time TV, delivered conventionally over the air or through satellite and cable providers. 

Display & Video 360 partners with WideOrbit to provide access to inventory from local TV stations affiliated with national broadcast networks. This gives you the flexibility to automate a traditionally manual TV-buying process, and optimize campaigns using a programmatic workflow.

Create a WideOrbit line item

  1. Start in an existing TV insertion order or create a new one. When you’re creating the TV insertion order, select Linear TV as the insertion order type.
  2. In your insertion order, click New line item.
  3. Add a Name for your line item.
  4. Configure your line item’s settings:
    • Targeting: Target by genre, region (DMA), TV rating, networks, and dayparts.
    • Air dates: Pick custom dates or use the same dates as the line time’s insertion order. The start date you select must be at least 7 days in the future from the day you’re creating the line item.
    • Budget and pacing: Set your budget and how quickly it will be spent. 
    • Bid strategy: Set your maximum average CPM.
    • Assign creatives: Add the creatives you want to use with the line item. Learn more about our guidelines for linear TV creatives.
  5. Click Create.

Reporting for WideOrbit line items

Due to the nature of TV ads, typical video ad KPIs are not available.

Line item and combined view metrics for WideOrbit include:

  • Spots Won - TV Spots you’ve bid on and won 
  • Revenue (Reserved) - Budget set aside to cover the cost of spots won
  • Spots aired - TV Spots that you previously won and now aired (WideOrbit confirms airings within 1-2 days, but has up to 30 days to confirm) 
  • Revenue (spent)
  • Cost per Spot
  • HH Impressions
  • HH CPM

Standard offline reporting options are available in the Offline Report tab. Remove all metrics in the basic report template and add in the TV metrics and dimensions.

You can filter reports to the insertion order (TV) or line item (Linear TV) to see the performance of just your linear TV buys. You can also filter reports by TV dimensions to see what inventory you served on through the TV insertion order.

Impressions, CPM data, and data for offline reports are available to view 18+ days after airing.


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