Coming soon: Reporting updates in November 2020

Campaign Manager

Updates to app reporting

We’re making improvements to how Campaign Manager reports impressions served on mobile app inventory. As a result,  you may see see a change in mobile app impressions (using the platform dimension) beginning the week of November 30. If you're impacted you'll see a notification directly in the Campaign Manager interface and no additional action is required.

Removal of insights tab

Because of low usage, the Insights tab in Campaign Manager reporting will be removed the week of November 2. You should instead use Instant Reporting, which provides most of the same details with additional features. You can also use Data Studio for more robust visualizations and dashboards.

Display & Video 360

Audience Performance & Page Category report templates restricted to last 93 days

The Audience Performance & Page Category report templates will now be restricted to a maximum of the last 93 days. To see this data beyond the last 93 days you can still pull reports over time and combine them. 

The following dimensions (in offline reporting, and the API) will be limited to 93 days:

  • Attributed User List
  • Attributed User List ID
  • Attributed User List Type
  • Attributed User List Cost
  • Category

New reports created with any of these dimensions won't run if the date range extends beyond the last 93 days. Existing reports that include the above dimensions (and date ranges longer than 93 days) will continue to run and return data for their full date range.

Changes to YouTube metric and dimension compatibility

Some metrics and dimensions will no longer be compatible in Display & Video 360 YouTube reports. Existing scheduled reports with these metric and dimension combinations will be paused, and will need to be updated in order to run. 



No longer compatible with...

View Conversion Rate


Conversion Type

Conversion Source

Conversion Source ID

Watch Time

Average Watch Time per Impression

Day of Week





Parental Status



View-Through Conversion

View-Through Store Visits


Extension type

Extension Status

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