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Use modeling to recover lost conversions due to browser changes

Starting the week of September 28, all attribution models will be opted into conversion modeling by default. Conversion metrics will include modeled conversions from this point forward.

Starting today, the settings to create a new attribution model in Campaign Manager and Display & Video 360 will allow you to choose which models should include modeled conversions in the future. You’ll see a notification with these settings asking you to review your attribution models and opt-out of modeling if you wish. During the next 30 days, you’ll want to review your attribution models and update your preferred modeled conversion settings. The attribution models that aren’t opted-out will start reporting modeled conversions after September 28. This will result in a low double-digit increase in conversions for most advertisers.

Changes to opt-in status won’t impact conversion data until the week of September 28.

Select an attribution model at the line item level for reporting and automated bidding

You’ll soon be able to select any Floodlight attribution model at the line item level to use for both bidding and reporting for that line item. You’ll see a new option to assign an attribution model in a line item’s Conversion tracking settings. The attribution model assigned here will be used to influence line item bid optimizations and will also determine the default attribution model used to report on conversions for the line item.

The attribution model you’ve set as the primary model in your advertiser’s Floodlight basic details will be the default model for all line items. You can use the new line-item level setting to pick any model for a specific line item. Data-driven models are also available if you manage Floodlight in Campaign Manager.

As part of this change, the system Floodlight attribution model will be designated as the primary model for all advertisers. You can change the primary model from your Floodlight basic details.

Monitor bulk actions across Display & Video 360 with new dedicated page

You’ll soon see a new page in Display & Video 360 where you can monitor current and past bulk actions, including bulk line item edits, entity duplications, and Structured Data File uploads and downloads. You can access the new Bulk status page from the top of Display & Video 360.

Bulk status

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