Rich Media Masthead: Custom Implementation

Technical Specifications

This section covers the detailed creative and technical specifications of the Rich Media Custom Masthead.


Dimensions: 970x250 pixels
Expanded on-click dimensions: 970x500 pixels
Single Expanded Panel: Needs to collapse and video must stop on clickthrough
Format: Rich media HTML5 creatives built in DoubleClick Studio
VPAID Not allowed on YouTube

Load Requirements

Initial Load Size: 150 KB maximum is recommended for the fastest initial load time.
Total Non-User initiated Load size
  • 1.5MB* maximum
    *includes initial plus subsequent/polite loads.
  • Please allow 150 KB for the Masthead components added by Studio.
User-initiated Load Size:
  • The usage of YouTube videos is recommended (no size limit)
  • Up to 1.5 MB for images and assets (animation/interaction) and 10 MB for non-YouTube served MP4/WebM/Ogg video.
    • The load from user interaction with Google Maps component is not included in the limit.
All videos must be progressive load. Cannot be streaming.
CPU Usage: Must not exceed 40% of a user's CPU. Common causes of high CPU use are continued animation & heavy animation sequences.


YouTube-hosted Video
  • Must allow embedding
  • 16:9 aspect ratio is recommended to ensure proper fit in the player
  • Videos must have a relevant title; misleading or incomplete titles may lead to video removal
  • If video is used, both MP4, and either WebM or Ogg formats must be used to ensure compatibility across all major browsers.

Note: Embedded players must have a viewport that is at least 200px by 200px. We recommended 16:9 players be at least 400 pixels wide and 225 pixels tall in order to fully display all controls.

Autoplay Animation / Video Length:

Max 30 seconds

Autoplay Audio: No sound
Clicking 'Unmute' button turns the video into user-initiated.
User-initiated Video: Regardless of the video length, control buttons (mute/unmute and pause/play) are required, as well as an indicator of the video duration or elapsed status.
Except for the initial autoplay video, each video play must be user-initiated.
Actions on User Click:

All sound and animation must stop upon exit click.  Mastheads containing a text field cannot have the 'autofocus' attribute.

Actions on User Interaction (animation): Animation must stop within 30 seconds after the interaction with it has ended.


Fallback All HTML5 ads must gracefully fallback to support basic HTML5 to ensure full functionality across all modern browsers. Flash fallback is not supported and Flash content is not permitted in HTML5 ads on YouTube.
Border and iFrame:

Must stay within iframe and have black border of at least 1 pixel.

  • The border is added automatically if the Masthead is not expandable.
Mouseover Policy:
  • Minor animation on mouseover for informational or navigational purposes is allowed.
  • Animation cannot be disruptive or detract from user experience or the overall site functionality.
  • No user-initiated sound on mouseover.
  • If user takes mouse off the ad, user initiated animation should stop within 1 second. If it’s a game-like functionality, game should pause (not revert).
  • For cross screen buys on tablets and mobile, interaction should depend on taps, drag actions, swipes, and other touch screen interaction methods
  • Any other minor animation for entertainment or engagement purposes requires Google approval prior to launching.
Close button: DoubleClick Studio "Close Ad X" component is required on the top right corner with a padding of 5-10 pixels.
"X Close Expanded" button must have a 5 pixel padding from top and left sides of expanded Masthead unit and must be functional immediately after expansion
Backup Image:
  • Required for all creatives
  • Maximum file size is 150 kB
  • Must have black border of at least one pixel
  • Must not have a close button
  • Should contain a single Exit URL
  • Cannot contain non-functioning buttons, such as controls for video or social media buttons that do not redirect to their respective landing pages
  • Animated .GIFs not supported
  • We suggest that the back up image resemble, as closely as possible, the final end frame of the ad animation - taking into account the previously stated attributes to ensure consistency in the advertisers message and user experience.
Transparency: A wmode of transparent may only be used during expansion or collapse of the creative. However, the expanded panel must resolve to be opaque.
Exit URL All URLs must be live when assets are submitted. Please use safe characters in the URL.

Compatible Browsers:

  • Internet Explorer 10+, Firefox 25+, Safari 6+; Chrome 33+
  • Please note that the final rendering of the ad may be affected by various browser configurations, plugins and security software set up by the user.

Serving Capabilities

  • The Masthead unit must be built in DoubleClick Studio and served through DCM. No fourth-party creative asset calls will be accepted without review and explicit sign-off. Any fourth-party call must have a backup functionality
  • No demographic/audience targeting or third-party audience segments allowed

Additional Details

  • Video view count for YouTube-hosted videos will increment on click-to-play.
  • Small countdown clock (200x50) is permitted.
  • Advertisers may use the approved YouTube social media exit button and/or use "YouTube" in text as per the YouTube Logo Usage in Ads policy.