Video Ads (formerly in-stream video ads)

Reporting & Third Party Capabilities

Note:  As of May 21, 2018, pixel measurement of YouTube reservation campaigns is available through: comScore, DoubleVerify, IAS, MOAT, Nielsen, Kantar, Research Now, and Google (including DoubleClick). 

Additional measurement options are available via the third-party providers currently integrated with Ads Data Hub.

This section covers the reporting and third party capabilities that are provided by Video Ads.

Reporting Metrics

  • Video Impressions
  • Video Click Through
  • Video Quartiles (First, Midpoint, Third, Complete)
  • "Skip" button clicks (for skippable ads)
  • Video Pauses

Third-Party Tracking Capabilities

  • SSL capability is required! All tracking pixel URLs must begin with HTTPS:// More information here.
  • Third-party click redirects accepted for Video Click Through
  • 1 x 1 pixel tracking can be implemented for all other metrics listed above (maximum 3 per event)
    • For third-party served ads, tracking pixels must be implemented within the VAST tag, not provided separately.
      • Nielsen pixels are not allowed directly in VAST tags and must be submitted separately for trafficking in some countries.

We will only accept third party redirect/tracking pixel from a certified Ad Serving Vendor. Please refer to the full list of approved vendors.


  • Can accept research tracking tags except for YouTube Mobile or Leanback apps
  • No pop-ups, layers, or other out-of-banner formats are allowed
  • JavaScript pixels are not allowed


  • For YouTube-hosted creatives, Remarketing Audience lists can be created directly in AdWords. Learn more here.