Rich Media Masthead : Layouts Implementation

Intro to Rich Media Layouts Mastheads

Welcome to the rich media layouts Mastheads specs guide. In this workflow, we will cover the key topics to get your rich media layouts Masthead off the ground. Navigate the course by either selecting your topic of interest or by progressing through using the blue button at the top of each page.

What we will cover:


Please note:

Beginning January 1, 2016, creatives built using Flash will no longer be accepted on the YouTube Masthead. Please plan to build rich media Masthead creatives in HTML5, which will ensure the maximum reach and ad performance.
Note that Rich Media Layout Mastheads cannot be age-gated. Please use Rich Media Custom Mastheads if you’d like to age-gate certain aspects of your Masthead.
If you are buying a cross-screen rich media layouts Masthead, please also see mobile video Masthead specs.

Last Updated: August 29, 2016