Desktop Video Mastheads

Reporting and Third Party Capabilities

This section covers the reporting and third party capabilities provided by the desktop video Masthead.

Reporting Metrics

Depending on the optional configuration choices, the following metrics will be provided:

  • Ad Impressions
  • Video clicks
  • Video play quartiles on watch page: 0/25/50/75/100 percent video views
  • Clicks to the Advertiser’s Site (optional)
  • Clicks to Channel
  • Clicks on the companion video wall

Third Party Capabilities

SSL capability is required! All impression tracking pixel URLs must begin with HTTPS:// More information here.
We will only accept third party redirect/tracking pixels from a certified ad serving vendor. Please refer to the full list of approved vendors.

Third Party Tracking Capabilities

  • Ad Impressions (1x1 pixel URL)
  • Clicks to the Advertiser’s Site (redirect URL)
  • Pixels intended to collect data on audience composition are not allowed.
  • Javascript pixels are not allowed.
  • 3rd Party Viewability is not allowed on YouTube homepage formats.

Remarketing Event Capabilities

  • Impressions:  Remarketing tags are not accepted for impressions.
  • Views: AdWords remarketing lists are now based on the Youtube Audience lists and video views. Check this AdWords Help Center to learn more about how to use and create your remarketing lists.
  • Clicks (to play): Floodlight remarketing tags are accepted.


Please note that ad impressions will be reported per ad unit. See Adwords Help Center for more information about generating remarketing tags. Any use of pixels for collection of data for remarketing lists is subject to the AdWords Policies.