Desktop Video Mastheads

Assets Overview and Creative Submission

In this section, please see an overview of required and optional assets, our ad policy requirements, and our creative submission process and turnaround times for the desktop video Masthead.

Assets Overview

Did you know that you can use the video masthead preview tool to easily customize your assets and preview your masthead?


Asset Name Required / Optional Deliverable Comments/Details
YouTube Video URL Required URL of the autoplay video to be featured. Must upload Video to YouTube and set as public or unlisted.

16:9 aspect ratio recommended. See Ad Policies guidelines below and help link for uploading Videos.

Do not use pre-cropped videos.
Keep all important elements (text and logos) centered. 

Headline Text Required Text to be used as Ad headline. Use the video masthead preview tool for recommendations on text lengths. Suggested limits are approximately 26 characters (single-byte languages) or 13 characters (double-byte languages)
CTA text Optional Call to action text to be used for destination URL.

We recommend keeping these short and catchy and clearly indicating where the link will lead. Use the video masthead preview tool for text length recommendations. Suggested limits are approximately 10 characters (single-byte languages) or 6 characters (double-byte languages).

CTA destination URL Optional Must provide a destination URL if using CTA link (can be 3rd party URL).

Clicking on the CTA text will open a new tab navigating to the destination URL provided.

All URLs should be live before submitting assets. Please use safe characters in the URL, as detailed here.

Video Wall Optional Recommend providing Playlist ID if Video Wall is used.

Thumbnails of the top two videos (public or unlisted) from specified playlist will appear. If playlist ID is not specified, the two most recent public videos uploaded to the channel will appear.

Note: non-family safe videos will be skipped over automatically. Private videos will NOT appear.

Ad Policies

Creative Submission and Turn-around Time

Assets must be received by YouTube no later than 2 business days prior to campaign start date sent to your Account Manager and Technical Specialist.

Video thumbnails, channel art and channel icons must be finalized 2.5 days before the campaign launch date, otherwise an older version of the thumbnail may appear during the live campaign