Debug pages containing GAM tags

These instructions are for GAM tags only. If you're using Google Publisher Tags (GPT), you can find debugging instructions here.

DFP Small Business offers a debugging window that provides additional information about your ad requests and helps you diagnose any unexpected behavior for served ads. This debugging information is displayed in a separate browser window so that the layout of your page isn't affected.

To display the debugging window for a page that displays DFP Small Business ads:

  1. If necessary, disable pop-up blockers in your browser.

  2. Add the 'google_debug' query string parameter to your page URL similar to either of the following examples:



  3. Load the page with your updated URL.

Alternatively, if you'd like to return the ad content but not render ads, add '?google_debug&google_nofetch'. This is particularly useful to test third-party latency, as only DFP Small Business tags, and not third-party tags, will be called. Example:


You can also have your ad contents returned in a new window by adding '?google_debug&google_norender' to your URL. By doing so, you can test your ads outside of your page environment. Example:


See explanations of the different messages you may see in the debug window.

Watch a video demonstrating the debug tool.

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