View placements

To see how your site's inventory has been defined by placements and to view which line items are forecasted to deliver to them:

  1. In your DFP Small Business account, click the Inventory tab, then click Placements on the left-hand panel.

    You can also use the search box to search for placements or sort them by column heading.

    The following placement information is displayed:

    • Name: The name of the placement as defined by the DFP Small Business administrator.

    • Status: Indicates whether the placement is active, inactive, or archived.

    • Description: A placement description as defined by the DFP Small Business administrator.

    • Sizes: Sizes of the ad unit(s) contained in the placement.

    • Enabled for targeting: Indicates whether this placement has been made available for AdWords advertisers to target. (Learn more)

    • Ad units: The number of ad units in the placement.

  2. Click a placement to view additional details.

  3. Click the Line items tab to view line items that are forecasted to deliver to this placement in the next 30 days. In order for a line item to be displayed, it needs to satisfy the following conditions:

    • The line item must be reserving inventory (including paused with inventory reserved).

    • New ad units must be on a site for seven days to collect a sufficient amount of data for check inventory queries. However, DFP Small Business currently uses 28 days of prior traffic for forecasting. As a result, forecasting accuracy will peak after four weeks.

    • Forecasting must predict delivery for the line item. For example, If one 100-weight sponsorship ad is booked to the placement during the next 30 days, no other line items are displayed because none can deliver.

    • This screen also displays remnant line items that fulfill the above requirements, unlike regular forecasts, which ignore remnant line items.