Create an order

To run a new ad campaign through DFP Small Business, you'll first need to create a new order. After creating the order, you'll need to create line items, add creatives and approve the order before it can be served. For reserved line-item types (sponsorship and standard), DFP will not reserve inventory until the order is approved.

You can create an order in two ways:

  • By running an inventory forecast
  • Manually

Create an order from an inventory forecast

To convert an inventory forecast into an order:

  1. Run an inventory forecast.

  2. Enter an order name in the 'Save to an order' field in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen and click Continue.

    All of the information from your forecast will be imported into your new order.

Create orders manually

To create an order before running an inventory forecast:

  1. In your DFP Small Business account, click the Orders tab.

  2. Click New order.

  3. Enter your order information in the appropriate fields.

    Order names must be unique within your network.
  4. Enter your line item information.

  5. Click Check inventory to ensure that the order will have enough impressions available.

    If the order doesn't have enough impressions and you save the order anyway, the order could be under delivered and you could break your contract with your advertiser.
  6. Click Save.

Once you've created an order, you'll need to approve it before the line items are eligible to be served. See Approve an order to learn how.

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