Slow page loading

These instructions are for GAM tags only. If you're using Google Publisher Tags (GPT), you can find debugging instructions here.

If you're experiencing slow page loading, you may use any of the URLs below to debug your page. Simply replace with the URL for your website.

  • This is the basic debugging option:

  • This option will cause the browser to process the DFP Small Business JavaScript functions without requesting ads for each unit:

  • This option will return ad content after a request for each unit without rendering ads, executing third party ad code, or calling images:

    (This option often shows that pages render quickly when they don't call third-party networks with slow response times.)

  • This option displays ad content in a text box, then renders the ads in a new window:

    (If a rich media ad doesn't render during this process, you may wish to try different browsers.)
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