About line item delivery

How ads are delivered throughout the day

In general, here's how DFP Small Business delivers ads:

  • The daily impression goal for a line item with a specified quantity is calculated approximately as follows: [Total quantity goal] divided by [number of days in the flight period].

  • Line items run 5% ahead of schedule to ensure they complete on time. (This doesn't mean line items will exceed the goal by 5%.)

  • In general, highest-priority ads will be delivered more often in the beginning of the day, followed by non-guaranteed, house, and AdSense ads later in the day. All line items will run all day, but are weighted more heavily in the morning (according to your time zone).

  • If your reservation-based line items fall behind, DFP Small Business may deliver above the daily goal until the line item is back on track.

  • Delivery is otherwise flat across all flight days.

  • By default, DFP Small Business doesn't deliver more or less based on the day of the week. Therefore, traffic variations can cause underdelivery. For example, a line item set to end on a Sunday may underdeliver if your site has low weekend traffic and is nearly sold out. (For more control, you can set your line items to run only during specific days and times.)

  • When a line item starts its campaign, DFP creates an initial delivery plan that it then modifies based on changes in the system over time. Learn more about how line item delivery is paced.

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