Line item isn't delivering ads

If one of your line items isn't delivering ads, follow the troubleshooting tips below, or use the debug tool:


  • Have the order and line item been approved?

  • Have you confirmed the status of your line item?

    A line item’s status will change from 'Ready' to 'Delivering' when it has begun delivering valid impressions.

  • Has sufficient time passed for the change to take effect in the server?

    If not, review your line item's flight dates by clicking the Orders tab, then click the order containing your line item. Your line item's flight dates will appear as the start and end dates.

  • Have you overbooked the line item? If you're attempting to deliver more impressions than you have, not every line item will serve. (Learn more about overdelivery and underdelivery)

Creative trafficking

  • Are any creatives associated with the line item? You must associate creatives with a line item before any ads will be delivered. (If more than one creative is associated with the line item, only one ad for a line item will be delivered per page view.)

  • You may also want to preview the creative or use the debugging tool to inspect ad calls and the creative code returned by the ad server.

Targeting and contending line items

  • Have you properly tagged your pages?

  • Are there any targeting filters or delivery settings (such as frequency capping) that would prevent this ad from delivering?

  • Does the ad tag contain the custom criteria that the line item is targeting?

    To review your line item's targeting criteria, click the Inventory tab, then click Targeting.

  • Does another line item conflict?

    Line items may not serve ads if another line item takes priority or is behind schedule. You can find out what ads are competing by using the debug tool or by examining the list of ‘Delivering’ line items on the 'Orders' tab.

See the Ad selection white paper for more in-depth information.