Troubleshoot DFP access problems

If you or others in your organization are having trouble accessing DFP, there are steps you can take. We'll look first at the steps that any user can take, then at the steps that require an administrator.

What to do if you can't sign in or access data

  1. Confirm that you're signed in to the right Google Account.

    If you have multiple Google Accounts, such as a personal Gmail account or another business account, it's possible that you're signed in to the wrong one. Try signing out and signing in with the email address you use with DFP. (If you have trouble remembering your password, you can reset it using the information you provided when you created your Google Account.)

  2. Delete your browser cache and cookies, which will get rid of any outdated authentication data. In some cases, you may need to clear your cache more than once.
  3. If steps 1 and 2 don't solve your problem, or if you can sign in but can't see any content or take the right actions, contact your network administrator.

What to do if you're an admin helping others with access problems

Some access problems require help from an admin. If users are having trouble signing in or accessing data, try the steps below.

If you also can't sign in

If you're an admin not only of DFP, but of a Google Enterprise account, you might need to restore access to DFP in Google Apps:

  1. Sign in to the Google Apps control panel at[yourdomain].
  2. In the navigation toolbar at the top of the page, click Organizations & users.
  3. Click the Services tab.
  4. Switch DoubleClick for Publishers to ON.
  5. Click Save changes.

If only your user is having trouble signing in

If you can sign in but one of your users can't:

  1. Ask the user to follow the steps above for helping an individual to sign in.
  2. Confirm that the user has been added to the right DFP account and hasn't been disabled. You can see the list of users in the Admin tab.
  3. Try resetting the login by removing/deactivating the user and then re-adding them.
  4. If the user is new and there's a pending invitation, you can resend the invitation. If the user has trouble finding the invitation email, ask the user to check spam folders.

If the user can sign in but can't see or do the right things

If a user can sign in to DFP but can't see any data or can't take the right actions — for example, a trafficker can't create line items — there might be a problem with the user's role, which defines what a user can do.

To check a user's role:

  1. Edit the user profile.
  2. Check the user's role. If you're using custom roles, you might need to edit the role to ensure that it has the right permissions for the user's needs.
  3. Check the user's teams. If the user isn't assigned to any teams, the user can't access any entities in your network. Add the user to the right teams, or to the "All entities" team if you want the user to be able to access everything.
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