Video technology partners

The following third party video players offer platform solutions for Google's suite of video products, including:

  • DFP Video
  • AdSense for video
  • AdSense for games
  • Video on the Ad Exchange
  • Games on the Ad Exchange

These partners have integrated either the latest Google IMA3 SDKs or previous IMA SDK versions, and they're ready to support publishers on the new DFP platform. For more information on the IMA3 SDK for Flash and HTML5, please download our one-sheeter

Publishers have successfully used Google's IMA SDKs with the technology partners listed below. We recommend that publishers interested in working with one of these partners verify that the partner can support all required uses.

Please check with a partner in this list for the version of their player that supports the latest release of our SDK.

Clients using the IMA SDK can render VAST 2 and 3, VMAP, and VPAID 1 and 2 ads.

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