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Preview a creative

Review how a creative will appear on your page

Preview a creative in DFP, on your site, or on your mobile device, to verify that it works correctly before it begins serving.

  1. In DFP, click Delivery and then Creatives.
  2. Click the name of the creative you'd like to preview. Use filters to find your creative.
  3. DFP will attempt to display the creative in the Preview tab of a creative.

    Sometimes JavaScript or other code within a creative will not allow DFP to render it directly. In this case, you also have the following options:

    • New window: Open a new browser with only your creative displayed.
    • On site: Enter a webpage URL that contains Google Publisher Tags targeted to the same inventory as a line item associated with the creative to preview your creative in the context of your website. This option is not available for "Custom" creatives.
    • Mobile: Use the QR code generated to load the creative on your mobile device.
Click-through override settings are not reflected in creative previews. The standard click-through URL will be used in the preview, but your override will be used when the creative is served to your content.
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