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Value CPM

The value CPM (cost per thousand impressions) is an amount you specify to help DoubleClick for Publishers estimate the value of campaigns. The amount entered in the "Value CPM" field serves two purposes:

  1. It's used in revenue calculations for impressions served.
  2. When a value CPM is defined for non-guaranteed line item types, such as Bulk or Network, the value CPM is used for competition in dynamic allocation instead of the "Rate" value.

When dynamic allocation isn't in effect, the value CPM does not impact delivery—priority and goal are used instead. For example, without dynamic allocation, a network line item at Priority 12 will always preempt a price priority line item at Priority 12 in the ad selection process. Even if a price priority line item has a value CPM of $10.00 and a network line item has a value CPM of $7.00, the network line item still preempts the price priority line item.

DFP sales management   DFP sales management
  • Manually added values to the "Value CPM" field in corresponding delivery line items are overwritten by the value in proposal line items. By default, DFP inserts a zero (0) value in proposal line items for value CPM. If you created proposals before the addition of this feature to DFP sales management and manually added a value CPM to corresponding delivery line items, update proposal line items with the value CPM of their corresponding delivery line items when you retract. If you don't update proposal line items, the value CPM will be set to zero in delivery line items when you resubmit proposals and they successfully pass through proposal review.

Set a value CPM

To set a value CPM for non-guaranteed line item:

  1. In your DoubleClick for Publishers account, click the Delivery tab.
  2. Click the order containing the line item you'd like to edit.
  3. Click the line item you'd like to edit and then click the Settings tab.
  4. Click set value CPM next to the Cost field and enter a value CPM amount.
  5. Click Save.

Example: AdSense and Ad Exchange competition with network, bulk, and price priority line items

If your network has AdSense or Ad Exchange enabled, then when the ad server selects a bulk, network, or price priority line item to serve to an ad tag, it will compare the CPM of that prospective line item with the price of an AdSense or Ad Exchange ad. If the price of the AdSense or Ad Exchange line item is greater than that of the bulk, network, or price priority CPM, the ad server will serve the AdSense or Ad Exchange line item.

Just as in the example above, you could set a value CPM for your network or bulk line item to help it compete with Ad Exchange and AdSense ads.


Report on value CPM

To report on value CPM, you can use the "average eCPM" metrics in the Reports tab.

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