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April 21, 2014

Spotlight on new feature


Editable ad unit names

Until now, once you set the name of an ad unit, you couldn't change it because it was used in the ad tags. There were also a lot of restrictions on which characters you could use in the name (no spaces!) because it needed to meet the requirements of an HTML tag.

Today, DFP is separating the ad unit name from the ad unit code.

  • The ad unit name is an editable field that can include spaces and special characters. It's used in targeting and reports. You can change it at any time, even after you've saved the ad unit.

  • The ad unit code is what's used in DFP ad tags. It has limitations on special characters, can't contain spaces, and can't be changed once you've saved the ad unit.

For existing ad units, the ad unit code will be the same as the current ad unit name. You don't have to make any changes or updates, but the ad unit name is now editable. Changing the ad unit name won't affect your tags or ad serving.

Learn more about creating ad units, including rules for ad unit codes and ad unit names

Updated features

DFP Video

  • HTTPS support for DFP-hosted assets: You can now provide full SSL compliance on your pages while using DFP's hosting and transcoding. Learn more about DFP-hosted linear creatives.

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