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October 5, 2015

DFP Small Business


Forecasting includes delivery pacing
When checking the available inventory for a line item, DFP now takes into account the selected delivery speed options, such as “Frontloaded” and “As fast as possible”. For example, when forecasting for a frontloaded line item, DFP considers that the line item is likely to receive more impressions early in the campaign, as well as the effect of the delivery speed of all competing line items.


DFP Query Tool reports have undergone changes in reporting values related to user devices making ad requests. While the value outputs are generally not documented, we did want to alert you of the updates. Any new reports generated reflect these values. The changes went into effect on October 1st.

The keys and values below appear in the output of the Targeting dimension and these keys are affected: Browser, DeviceCapability, MobileCarrier, OperatingSystemVersion, and Platform.

Here are the changes:

  • The letter case of some values has being adjusted. For example, iphone3,3_from_apple will become iphone3,3_from_Apple
  • For the OperatingSystemVersion key, some values were prefixed with EqualTo. These prefixes have been dropped.
  • For the OperatingSystemVersion key, "iphone" and "ipad" have changed to "iOS"
  • For Platform
    • "HighEndMobile" has changed to "Mobile Highend"
    • "MidrangeMobile" has changed to "Mobile Midrange"
  • For DeviceCapability
    • "supports calls" changes to "Phone calls"

We’ve made these changes to standardize values across our Query Tool and API services. Please prepare any of your services that depend on these values.

Coming soon...

Inline editing of targeting criteria: You’ll be able to edit a line item’s targeting criteria directly from the “Line items” page using text strings.


If you use Ad Exchange, visit the Ad Exchange Release Notes to learn about the latest feature releases.

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