Releases for DFP Small Business

April 14, 2014

New features


  • Auto-name creatives You can now set up a default format so that new creatives will be automatically named. It can include information about the creative, such as the size, the advertiser name, the creative type, and so on.When you add a new creative to DFP, the default creative name format is applied. You then have the option of changing the name manually. Learn more

  • Creative SSL compatibility When you serve creatives to secure pages which use SSL — typically pages whose URLs begin with https:// — it's important to be sure that the creatives are compatible with the pages' security settings. If you use a creative type that can include content hosted on a third-party server, such as custom, third-party, or DoubleClick tag creatives, DFP now checks the creative for SSL compatibility. Learn more

Updated features


  • Improved workflow for dynamic allocation creatives: You no longer need to specify size parameters for dynamic allocation creatives in snippets. That information is automatically pulled from the line item and creatives. Learn more about Ad Exchange and AdSense line items


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