DFP Small Business releases

April 18, 2016


  • DFP First Look
    Use First Look to maximize your yield by allowing preferred access to inventory for selected buyers in Ad Exchange. Learn more
    In the DFP Query Tool, you may notice fields with a dash ("-") value when reporting on First Look impressions. This means First Look doesn’t need a line item to deliver. These dashes are also exposed in the DFP API.

DFP Small Business

  • Inventory
    “Target platform” is no longer in use and is being removed from the expanded ad unit view, and from ad unit bulk upload and bulk download tables. If you use bulk upload templates that include the “Target platform” column, please remove that column.

Coming soon...

  • Native styles
    Natives styles give publishers the ability to execute native reservation campaigns across web and apps. DFP handles the rendering of your native ads based on native styles you specify within the product. This builds on our existing native offering for publisher-rendered native ads in apps.
  • SafeFrame on by default for some creative types
    To provide better consumer protection, publisher control, rich interaction and viewability measurement, the "Serve into a SafeFrame" check box will be checked by default for all new third-party, custom, and user-defined creatives. This change doesn't affect existing creatives.
  • Location data for app ads
    If users grant your app location permissions, DFP will soon use location data to help serve better targeted ads and improve monetization. To turn off this feature, visit the Network settings page under the Admin tab. Learn more
  • Change history update
    The second stage of the new change history rollout will move trafficking to the new change history panel and make both roles and trafficking available in a new change history admin panel. Until the migration is complete, users will need to use both admin panels to find all changes. Note that the legacy change history panel will be available for more than a year as a source for older changes.
If you use Ad Exchange, visit the Ad Exchange Release Notes to learn about the latest feature releases.
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