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DFP Small Business releases

January 9, 2017

Coming soon...

  • Sort DFP table columns
    You'll be able to show, hide, and rearrange the order of DFP trafficking, inventory, and admin table columns.
  • DFP Query Tool
    • Changes for mobile
      To be consistent with the Query Tool's "Device Category" English language values, we’re updating the Query Tool Targeting dimension's "Platform" values:
      • OLD: Mobile Highend, Mobile Midrange, Desktop, Tablet
      • NEW: Smartphone, Feature Phone, Desktop, Tablet
    • Report size column
      The report size column in the DFP Queries and Report listing will be retired. We'll replace it with a column that shows the number of rows in each report, to give you a better idea of the size of your reports.
    • Simplified values for “Inventory types” dimension
      To make the data easier to analyze and act on, we’re making some changes to the available values for the “Inventory types” reporting dimension. The new values will be Web, App, AMP, and Other:
      • Web: Will be the combined values of the current “Desktop,” “Mobile web,” and “Mobile optimized web.”
      • App: Currently “Mobile app”
      • AMP: All Accelerated Mobile Pages data will be in one row.
      • Other: Currently “Unknown”
  • Deprecation of Contributor First Look for DFP
    We’re launching a new and improved Contributor in early 2017. As part of the relaunch, we’ll be deprecating Contributor First Look for DFP in the next couple weeks.
If you use Ad Exchange, visit the Ad Exchange Release Notes to learn about the latest feature releases.
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