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DFP Small Business releases

July 25, 2016

DFP Small Business

  • Query Tool: Delivery Indicator metric

    The Deliver Indicator metric is transitioning to become an attribute of the “Line Item” dimension. Soon, you’ll able to select the new "Delivery Indicator" attribute when you build reports.

    In early September 2016, the “Delivery Indicator” metric will be removed from the report builder screen. To select the attribute instead of the metric, you’re encouraged to update queries that use the “Delivery Indicator.” Once the metric is no longer supported, we’ll convert any remaining queries to use the Delivery Indicator attribute.

    This transition may cause the Delivery Indicator column to appear in a different position than where it previously appeared.

  • IMA SDK support for preloaded video assets

    The IMA SDK for web (both HTML5 and Flash) now support preloading video ad assets in advance, resulting in an up to 95% reduction in user-visible latency for many ad breaks.

  • Filter users by role

    You now filter user profiles by roles (including custom roles) on the Admin page.

  • Kitty dashboard card

    Always have feline companions at your side by choosing the new Kitty card. Now back by popular demand from the days of DART.

Coming soon...

  • No Flash creatives to Internet Explorer on Windows 7 and below

    Starting in August, DFP will no longer serve Flash creatives to Internet Explorer on Windows 7 and below. We’re making this update for security reasons, as Flash is a common exploit method into machines on older versions of Windows. This update should have low impact for most publishers.

  • Limits dashboard

    The limits dashboard will allows network administrators to quickly view system limits that apply to your network and whether you're close to reaching them. Learn more about limits.

  • DFP Query Tool: Change to report retention and duration options

    We’re changing the duration for which completed reports are saved. Saved, scheduled reports will be saved for 40 days.

    We’ll also be improving the report duration selectors to make it easier to choose the range of data in queries and reports. Neither change impacts reportable data in DFP--you can still query up to 3 years' worth of data.

If you use Ad Exchange, visit the Ad Exchange Release Notes to learn about the latest feature releases.
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