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DFP Small Business releases

February 6, 2017


  • New “Downloaded impressions” metric in DFP Query Tool

    To reduce discrepancies between DFP and third parties, improve viewability rates, and ensure DFP is compliant with the latest industry standards across formats and technology platforms, DFP is introducing a new metric called “Ad server downloaded impressions.” This metric counts an impression when an ad begins to load in the publisher’s content rather than when requested from the ad server. The new metric displays alongside the existing impression metric, which allows you to see the difference compared to the current served reporting metric. Learn more

    Things to know:
    • “Ad server downloaded impressions” is a temporary metric and will fully replace “Total impressions” in DFP no sooner than Q3 of 2017. There are no billing changes at the moment.
    • For ActiveView users: shortly after this release, viewability rates will be based off “Ad server downloaded impressions” instead of “Total impressions.” This should result in increased viewability rates.

DFP Small Business

  • Increased native style limit
    You can now add up to 500 native styles per native ad format (the previous limit was 50). This provides much more flexibility when customizing for native. Learn more
  • Two-level ad unit hierarchy
    You can now organize your ad unit inventory in a hierarchical structure. Targeting a top-level ad units will automatically target any sub ad units. Learn more
  • DFP Flash deprecation timeline
    Support for Flash is deprecated and will be phased out by the end of Q2 2017. Learn more
    • Starting February 13, we will show contextual warning messages in the DFP UI when you’re working with Flash creatives.
    • On April 3, you’ll no longer be able to upload new DFP-hosted Flash creatives or save modifications to existing ones. 
    • After July 3, these creatives won’t serve.
  • Deprecation of Contributor First Look for DFP
    We’re launching a new and improved Contributor in early 2017. As part of the relaunch, we deprecated Contributor First Look for DFP.

Coming soon...

  • Report on unclaimed apps in DFP
    You’ll be able to use the “App names” dimension to report on all apps, not only those that have been claimed through the My apps page.
If you use Ad Exchange, visit the Ad Exchange Release Notes to learn about the latest feature releases.
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