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August 24, 2015

Spotlight on a new or updated feature.


Delivery Diagnostics

We've recently made enhancements to our Delivery Diagnostics tool, including:

  • Improved diagnostic accuracy
  • Enhanced capabilities for delivery involving DFP Audience
  • Overall performance improvements & support for SSL ad requests

Delivery Diagnostics, accessible through Publisher Console, shows information about the winning line item for a particular ad unit, as well as contending line items. Learn more about delivery diagnostics.

DFP Small Business

Improved global search

Global search in DFP now returns results that are more intuitive and up to date. For example, searching for “he wo” would now return “hello world.” (Earlier versions of global search would require “hello wo” in order to return the same result.) Smaller improvements, such as to the treatment of special characters, should also enhance usability.

These improvements already affect orders and will roll out to line items and other entities, such as creatives and ad units, in the next two quarters.

Coming soon...

DFP terminology changes in the user interface will take place in the following month. All other functionality will not be affected by these changes.

  • All instances of Order tab in the user interface will be renamed “Delivery” tab.
  • All instances of custom targeting in the left navigation bar will become “key-values.”
  • Custom criteria in the Inventory picker will become "Key-values and audience segments."
    This change will only be visible if you have Audience enabled, otherwise you will only see Key-values. For more information about Audience, you’ll need to contact your account representative.

DFP native ads for apps: DFP will give publishers the tools to monetize their inventory with direct-sold native ads in apps. Native ads are a rapidly growing class of online ads that match the look, feel, and content of the publisher’s property. You’ll be able to use DFP to:

  • Traffic your native ads with simplicity.
  • Control the ad’s look and feel with custom rendering.

DFP Query Tool reports will undergo changes in reporting values related to user devices making ad requests. While the value outputs are generally not documented, we did want to alert you of the updates [applies to reports that use the Targeting dimension]. Any new reports generated will reflect these values.

The keys and values below appear in the output of the Targeting dimension and these keys will be affected: Browser, DeviceCapability, MobileCarrier, OperatingSystemVersion, and Platform.

Here are the changes:

  • The letter case of some values is being adjusted. For example, iphone3,3_from_apple will become iphone3,3_from_Apple
  • For OperatingSystemVersion key,some values were prefixed with EqualTo. These prefixes will be dropped.
  • For the OperatingSystemVersion key, "iphone" and "ipad" are changed to "iOS"
  • For Platform
    • "HighEndMobile" changes to "Highend Mobile"
    • "MidrangeMobile" changes to "Midrange Mobile"
  • For DeviceCapability
    • "supports calls" changes to "Phone calls"

The changes will go into effect on Oct 1. We're making these changes in order to standardize values across our Query Tool and API services. Prepare any services that you have that depend on these values.

If you use Ad Exchange, visit the Ad Exchange Release Notes to learn about the latest feature releases.

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