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June 29, 2015

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Improvement to companion banner impression reporting in DFP Query Tool: Currently, if you want to see delivery metrics for Companion banner ads, you need to use the "Master or Companion creative" dimension. With this improvement, whenever you use the "Creative Size" dimension in DFP reports, both master and companion ads are included with their respective metrics in reports.

DFP native ads for apps:  DFP will give publishers the tools to monetize their inventory with direct-sold native ads in apps. Native ads are a rapidly growing class of online ads that match the look, feel, and content of the publisher’s property. You’ll be able to use DFP to traffic your native ads with simplicity and the power to control the ad’s look and feel with custom rendering. Learn more

Integration with Google Analytics:  DFP publishers using Google Analytics Premium will be able to view their publisher reporting data in their Analytics account to help understand the intersection of ad serving, monetization data, and analytics data. DFP publishers need to have 90% GPT coverage to qualify (Learn more). To activate this feature, contact your Google Analytics Premium representative.

If you use Ad Exchange, visit the Ad Exchange Release Notes to learn about the latest feature releases.

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