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DFP Small Business releases

April 17, 2017


  • Programmatic guaranteed
    DFP programmatic automates the negotiation of campaigns for guaranteed inventory. You can initiate proposals with buyers, finalize terms, and send proposals for delivery, all within DFP. Learn more

    Enabling programmatic guaranteed is quick and easy. Learn how in the help center and watch this short video:

    Programmatic guaranteed self setup

    Visit Publisher University for more videos on programmatic guaranteed.

DFP Small Business

  • DFP Query Tool reporting
    • New size dimensions
      We've added two new reporting dimensions related to multi-size pricing. This feature is only available to Ad Exchange users. Both are in open beta. Learn more
      • Creative size (delivered): The actual size of the creative served from DFP or Ad Exchange, which also matches the creative size reported in Ad Exchange.
      • Requested ad sizes: Includes all ad sizes in each ad request, accurately reflecting ad requests with multiple inventory sizes.
    • New "Demand Channel" dimension
      You can now report on the method buyers used to access your inventory. For example, "Mediation" or "Ad Exchange."
    • New Ad Exchange Historical report type
      You can now create and run your Ad Exchange reports in the DFP reporting tool by using the new "Ad Exchange Historical" report type. The Ad Exchange Query Tool will continue to be available in the Ad Exchange Seller tool. Learn more
  • Filter by specific creative template
    From the Creatives page, you can now filter for creatives that are related to a specific creative template.

Coming soon...

  • Changes to DFP Mediation
    We are making some changes to mediation in May 2017 to streamline the publisher experience. Learn about the changes and review your configuration to ensure that your mediation group(s) will deliver as expected.

    If you do not have any Ad Exchange for mobile apps accounts linked to your DFP network and selected as default, make sure your main account is selected as default to avoid disruption. Learn more about linked accounts.

  • Opportunities and experiments in DFP
    You'll be able to view the following opportunities for increasing your revenue from the "Reporting" tab of the DFP UI:
    • Lower open auction minimum CPMs to increase coverage and optimize yield.
    • Unblock general categories from your existing blocking rules to increase coverage.
    • Opt into high-performing ad technologies to run on your site to increase coverage.
    • The following opportunities will be available to all DFP publishers with a mapped Ad Exchange account:
      • Lower First Look auction minimum CPMs to increase coverage and optimize yield. Learn more
      • Allow Ad Exchange to compete for your impressions to increase yield (only available in the DFP UI). Learn more
  • MRC Accreditation Labeling
    DFP metrics accredited by the Media Rating Council (MRC) will be clearly labeled in the DFP reporting tool using the MRC logo. Additionally, exported reports will include a line in their header indicating which metrics in the report are MRC accredited.
  • Upcoming Query Tool updates
    • Improved "Video ad types" dimension in Ad Exchange reporting
      You will be able to report on additional ad types for your Ad Exchange video inventory, including bumpers, video click-to-download, DBM video, native content, and native app installs.
    • Native reporting updates
      For the "Ad request size" dimension in DFP, we'll rename the "Native" value to the more accurate "Custom rendering."
If you use Ad Exchange, visit the Ad Exchange Release Notes to learn about the latest feature releases.
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