Yield reports

Yield reports enable you to compare the performance of various ad types in a single report. You can view revenue and impression data for both direct sales (standard and sponsorship) and house or remnant inventory. Data for all cost types (CPC, CPD, and CPM) is included. This information can highlight potentially overlooked opportunities for revenue by providing more insight into data from sources such as third-party ad networks. You can also use yield data to troubleshoot unfilled impressions that may be the result of a tagging or trafficking error.

Starting April 16, 2013 if an amount is entered in the "Value CPM" field of a line item, then value CPM will be used in revenue calculations for impressions served on and after that date. If not, the amount entered in the "Rate" field will be used. Impressions served before April 16, 2013 will always use the "Rate" field to calculate revenue.

To generate a yield report:

  1. From the Reports tab, click Yield report. The yield report appears as a stacked line graph.

    Each increment of the graph represents the volume, percentage, or revenue for each yield type. You can select or deselect each yield type to add or remove it from the display. The sum of all increments is equal to the volume, percentage, or revenue for that day.

  2. You can toggle between separate viewing modes by revenue, percentage of total revenue, number of impressions, percentage of total impressions, or Aggregated Demand Channel.

    The Aggregated Demand Channel shows you an aggregation of revenue by:

    • Direct (includes revenue from all standard, sponsorship and click tracking line items)
    • Google bidded (AdExchange/AdSense/AdMob line items)
    • Third-party demand (includes all bulk, price priority and network line items)
    • Unfilled impressions
  3. Click the name of a yield type below the visualization chart to see yield data for all ad units of that type.

  4. You can use the date picker to change the date range and click Apply.

At this time, you can’t export or filter yield data.

Troubleshoot yield reports

Why don’t I see every ad type?

Only the ad types you use within your network will appear in the report. For example, if you don’t use bulk ads in your network, there won’t be an option to break down the report by bulk ads.

Why do some of my line items show no revenue?

The revenue reported reflects the costs that you've entered for each line item. If you haven’t assigned a cost to a line item, that revenue will not be reflected in the yield report. If you'd like to see all revenue, please edit all line items to include a cost.

What does “Other” mean in the graph legend when I drill down into a yield type?

Since each drill-down may contain so many results, we show only the top ten results and roll all other numbers into a single legend item called “Other”.