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Video creative reporting

Video features might not be enabled for your network. For more information, contact your account manager.

On the Reports tab in DFP, you can see detailed reporting on video-specific metrics, such as how many people made it to the end of the video ad on your site.

To view video ad reports, follow these steps:

  1. On the Reports tab, click Creatives in the side panel.

  2. Click Edit report above the table to add video-specific metrics in addition to impressions, clicks, and CTR.

  3. Select Creative size from one of the drop-down menus to see metrics broken down by creative sizes, including master video ad sizes and companion ad sizes. 

  4. Click Columns to see all available metrics.
    • Select Master or companion to see a column that lists whether each creative is a master video ad or a companion ad.
    • Select the video metrics you want to view under Video viewership and Video interaction.

  5. To specify a date range for your report, click the dates above the table. Choose new dates, then click Done.

  6. Click Run report.

  7. To see details for a particular video creative set, select that creative set in the table. (Creative sets are blue, indicating that you can click and see more details. Simple web ads appear in black text.)

  8. Adjust the graph by selecting or deselecting checkboxes in the list above the table. For example, select Complete and Impressions to see how many people made it to the end of the video out of a given number of impressions.
If you see more video starts than impressions, this discrepancy may be a result of filtering for invalid activities. Learn more about IAB compliance.
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