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Use AdSense with DFP

To fill unsold ad unit inventory with AdSense, simply enable AdSense at the ad unit level. Once you've done this, if no eligible ads are targeted to the ad unit, an AdSense ad conforming to the format you specified is called and served.
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Enable AdSense for an ad unit

  1. In DFP, click Inventory and then Ad units.

  2. Click the ad unit you want to edit, or create a new ad unit.

  3. Click edit next to "AdSense inventory settings" for existing ad units, or click override if you're creating a new ad unit.

  4. Select the Maximize revenue of unsold and remnant inventory with AdSense checkbox.

  5. Click Save.

Let AdSense dynamically compete with non-guaranteed inventory

By enabling AdSense at the ad unit level, AdSense automatically begins to optimize your remnant revenue by competing dynamically with non-guaranteed line item types, such as Network, Bulk, Price priority or House. Only non-guaranteed line items are eligible for an impression-by-impression competition with AdSense, based on price.

Update a Standard line item to compete with AdSense

  1. In DFP, click Delivery and then Orders.

  2. Select the relevant order and line item.

  3. Pause the line item to edit the line item type.

  4. Click the Settings tab within the line item.

  5. Click the Type drop down and select the most suitable of Network, Bulk, Price priority or House.

  6. Enter the price that you charge for that line item in the Rate field, keeping in mind that it's the value taken into account by the system when running the competition with Google AdSense.

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