Take screenshots of your creatives

Goal:  Take the screenshot of an ad as it appears on your site. 

Example: In a proposal to a large advertiser, you'd like to show how the advertiser's ad will appear on your site.  Or after the ad has started to deliver, you'd like to show a small advertiser how their ad appears on your site.

Description: Whether before or after the start of an ad campaign, advertisers often want to see how their ads appear on the publisher's site.  Likewise, publishers may want to send their advertisers a screen capture to confirm the aesthetic appeal of the advertiser's ad on the publisher's site.

Step-by-step instructions:

  1. After uploading a rich media creative, select Open in your site.
  2. Insert the URL of a page on your site containing DFP Small Business ad tags on which you'd like to preview the creative.
  3. Using third-party software specializing in screen capture, perform a screen shot of the generated test page.
Impressions generated by previewing or testing a creative aren't included in reports. The 'Impressions' or 'Clicks' field on the summary page of the line items you've previewed or tested displays the label 'Test impressions received'. This indicates that the ad server received at least one impression it hasn't counted because the traffic source was not a visitor to your web site. This label also displays in the 'Impressions' or 'Clicks' field of orders that contain previewed or tested line items.
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