Get started with mobile ad serving

Mobile ad serving information sheet

Premium and Small Business features

These mobile features are included with both DFP Small Business and Premium:

  • Serving to high-end mobile web
    • Fixed size ad units (e.g. 320 x 50), including customised sizes
    • Can generate mobile-optimised JavaScript ad tags in the DFP UI
  • Serving to high-end mobile applications
    • Fixed size ad units (e.g. 320 x 50), including customised sizes
    • Interstitial ad units
    • SDKs for iOS and Android
      • Support for all AdMob formats
      • In-app browser to handle clicks
    • SDK mediation: Send impressions from mobile applications to ad networks via the ad networks' own SDKs
  • Ad formats
    • Image banners
      • Standard click-through URL
      • Click-to-download URL
    • Third-party ad serving
    • Text and image creatives
    • DoubleClick tag for DFA6 Mobile and desktop
  • Targeting
    • Mobile OS targeting, including OS version
    • Device targeting, including make, model and sub-model
    • Geo-targeting for operator-level traffic
    • Geo-targeting for wifi traffic at the country, region, metro area (DMA), city, and postcode (US/CA only) levels
    • Geo-targeting for mobile traffic at the country, region, metro area (DMA), city and postcode (US/CA only) levels, when augmented with GPS coordinates
      • Ensure that you adhere to your organisation’s privacy policy when obtaining GPS data.
      • With GPS coordinates, the highest resolution geo targeting is city targeting.
      • You’ll need to use Google Publisher Tags or the Google Mobile Ads SDK.
    • Mobile operator targeting
  • Bandwidth targeting
  • Dynamic allocation
    • AdSense dynamic allocation for mobile web
    • DoubleClick Ad Exchange dynamic allocation for mobile web
  • Reporting
    • Breakdown by mobile targeting criteria
    • Integrated AdSense reporting
    • Filter reports for mobile ad units and line items
  • QR code preview
  • Third-party impression URLs in image creatives


DFP Small Business feature

This feature is available only in DFP Small Business:
  • Bulk ad unit upload