Activate, archive or deactivate an ad unit

You can't delete an ad unit. This is to prevent reporting information from being discarded and deleting an ad unit without changing tags. However, you can deactivate unwanted ad units and then archive them. This will remove the ad units from the default view of ad units on the Inventory tab. To reactivate the ad units in the future, you can simply unarchive them.

About deactivating and archiving ad units

There are different situations in which you would want to just deactivate an ad unit versus archiving it. See below to learn why.

When deactivating makes sense

Deactivate an ad unit when you don't want any line items to deliver to it in the near future but know that you'll want to target it eventually. For example, you may have a seasonal ad unit that runs on a Holiday section of your website. You can deactivate it for most of the year and then reactivate it during the holidays to allow traffickers to target it.

What happens when an ad unit is deactivated

  • Line items that are targeted to the ad unit will no longer be delivered to it. However, if the tags are still on an active page, DFP will continue to deliver run-of-network and house line items, and you will still be billed for ad serving costs.

  • Deactivated ad units are visible by default from the main "Ad Units" page in the "Inventory" tab.

  • You can reactivate a deactivated ad unit at any time.

  • Deactivated ad units will show up in an ad units report.


When archiving makes sense

You should archive an ad unit when you want to retire it for the foreseeable future.

What happens when an ad unit is archived

  • The ad unit is deactivated.

  • The ad unit is removed from the default list of ad units in the Inventory tab. You can still view archived ad units by searching by the status, "Archived", from the left-hand navigation bar on the "Ad Units" page of the "Inventory" tab.

  • You can reactivate archived ad units at any time.


Modify the status of an ad unit

To modify the status of an ad unit:

  1. Click Ad units on the Inventory tab.

  2. Tick the boxes next to the ad units that you want to select, and click either Activate, Deactivate or Archive.


Activate ad units that have been archived

To activate or deactivate an ad unit that has been archived:

  1. Click Ad units on the Inventory tab.

  2. In the left-hand side of the page you'll see a search box for ad units. Change the drop-down status from Active to All or Archived.

  3. Search for your archived ad units.

  4. When you find the right ad unit, click Activate or Deactivate under the ad unit name.