Get started with mobile ad serving

Target a line item to mobile devices

To target a line item to mobile devices, follow these steps:

  1. Create a line item.
  2. Under Add targeting, you can choose one or more of the following:
    • Select Inventory to assign the line item to one or more ad units.
    • Select Custom criteria to add key-value pairs.
    • Select Geography to target traffic from a particular location. Geo-targeting has different resolution for carrier traffic and Wi-Fi traffic.
      • Wi-Fi traffic: You can target the country, region, metro area (DMA), city, and postal code (US/CA only) levels.
      • Carrier traffic: You can target the country level.
        • Line items targeted more specifically than the country level can never match carrier traffic. For carrier traffic targeting, target at the country level.
        • DFP takes into account BlackBerry's proxy-based traffic routing where possible, but in some cases geo-targeting and carrier targeting might not work for BlackBerry devices.
    • Select Devices to target the line item to a user's browsing environment.
      • Device capability: Target devices that can make calls. Select Devices > Device capability > Phone calls, then click include.
      • Device category: Target different categories of devices. Choose Desktop, Feature phones, Smartphone, or Tablet, then click include.
      • Operating system: Target platforms and operating systems.
    • Line items targeting specific Apple models (such as iPhone 4) can only match traffic from mobile applications.
    • Select Connection to target bandwidth, carriers, and user domains.
      • Target users who are connected via wifi or mobile carriers.
      • Mobile carrier: Target specific mobile carriers.
      • Under User domains, enter user domains to target.

  3. Click Save and... and select Upload creatives from the drop-down.