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Deciding on inventory-level or line item-level dynamic allocation

All DoubleClick for Publishers Small Business users can use dynamic allocation at the inventory level. For those also eligible to use dynamic allocation at the line item level (via Ad Exchange or AdSense line items), this article explains how to decide which one you should use. If you are not enabled for dynamic allocation line items but would like to be, please contact your account manager.

While you can employ both, we recommend that you use only one type actively, as it will make it easier to manage your dynamic allocation revenue. See below for information on the two types, and how they interact.

Inventory-level dynamic allocation

Dynamic allocation at the inventory level is the simplest way to allow AdSense to dynamically compete for remnant impressions. (There is no way for Ad Exchange to compete via inventory-level dynamic allocation.) You can quickly set inventory-level dynamic allocation for each ad unit, and enable it for all ad units by default. Learn more

Before serving an ad to an AdSense ad unit, DoubleClick for publishers checks with AdSense inventory to see if it can get more for an impression than is offered by any of its booked network, bulk, price priority, or bulk line items. This method is easy to manage and implement, but affords less control than line item-level dynamic allocation. Learn about the benefits.

Line item-level dynamic allocation

Line item-level dynamic allocation affords granular control over when remnant inventory is served to your network, and each dynamic allocation line item can be linked to an existing Ad Exchange accounts in addition to your AdSense accounts. You can set multiple ad sizes per line item, and also target the line item to most of the standard criteria, such as geography, keywords, etc. Learn about Ad Exchange or AdSense line items.

How inventory-level and line item-level dynamic allocation interact

We recommend that you not employ both inventory-level and line item-level dynamic allocation for your DoubleClick for Publishers network. If you employ both, there may be an overlap in which a dynamic allocation line item competes for an AdSense-enabled ad unit. In this case, the dynamic allocation line item will override the AdSense-enabled ad unit.

If a dynamic allocation line item competes for a given ad call, DFP doesn't run a price competition at the ad unit level--even if the dynamic allocation line item does not win the competition.

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