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Generate video ad tags in DFP

This feature is only available to networks with a dedicated Google account manager, and might not be enabled for your network. Contact your account manager for more information. If you do not have an account manager, your network is not eligible for this feature.

To generate tags for your video ad units in DFP, follow these steps:

  1. On the Inventory tab, click Ad units in the side panel.
  2. Select the ad unit for which you want to generate the ad tag.
  3. Click Generate tags below the name of the selected ad unit. Tag information for the selected ad unit appears, including the following sections:
    • Header tag: The JavaScript code needed to initialize the tag. This code should always be part of the <HEAD> element of the webpage.
    • Video master tag: The URL needed to get video ads for this ad unit. Learn about the components of the URL
    • Companion tag: The JavaScript code needed to display companion ads. Copy this code to the appropriate part of the <BODY> element of the page to specify where the companion ad appears.
    DFP Video supports both https and http. The impressions and VAST tracking URLs respect the SSL setting and will return either https or http as appropriate. Click-through and click-tracking are http since it redirects via another page.
  4. If you aren't using the Google IMA SDK: Be aware that the tag contains the following macros, for which you'll need to insert the appropriate information. (If you're using the Google IMA SDK, the SDK automatically inserts the information for these macros.)
    • url=[referrer_url] - the URL of the page where the ad will appear.
    • correlator=[timestamp] - typically the timestamp of the page view.
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