How does Google target ads to my website?

Google ads are targeted in two ways:

  • Contextual targeting: Google technology uses keyword analysis, word frequency, font size, the overall link structure of the web, and other factors to determine what a webpage is about and match Google ads to that page.
  • Placement targeting: With placement targeting, advertisers choose specific ad placements, or subsections of publisher websites. Placement-targeted ads may not be precisely relevant to the content of a page, but are hand-picked by advertisers who've determined a match between what your users are interested in and what they have to offer. (Learn more about placement targeting.)

Google can also determine the primary language of a page. If your content is in a language supported by AdSense, AdSense will target ads in the appropriate language to your content. (View supported languages on the Google AdSense Help Center).

In addition, Google ads are geotargeted to your visitor's location. (Learn more about geotargeting on the Google AdSense Help Center.)

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