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Upload Atlas tags in DFP Small Business

In DFP Small Business, you can use different click macros according to the type of creative rotating through an Atlas tag:

  • For a standard image (.gif/.jpg), use the (%%CLICK_URL_UNESC%%) click macro.

  • For a Flash (.swf) image, use the double-escaped (%%CLICK_URL_ESC_ESC%%) click macro.

If you don't know which creative type is being served, you can determine whether an ad is an image or Flash as follows:

  1. Upload the Atlas tag in DFP Small Business.

  2. Preview the creative.

  3. Right-click the ad. If you see a Save Image As... or Save Picture As... option appear in the menu, the creative is a standard image. If you see an About Adobe Flash Player... option, the creative is a Flash ad.


  • By default, DFP Small Business will assume the creative is a standard image and automatically insert the standard click macro (%%CLICK_URL_UNESC%%) into the Atlas tag. If the creative is a Flash ad, you must manually change the click macro to (%%CLICK_URL_ESC_ESC%%).

  • If multiple creatives of different types are served through the same Atlas tag, the clickthrough will only work for the creatives with the correct click macro inserted. For example, if both a standard image ad and a Flash ad are rotating through the same tag, and you used the standard click macro (%%CLICK_URL_UNESC%%), only the standard image ad will click through to the destination page and track clicks. Please ask the advertiser for separate Atlas tags for standard image ads and Flash ads in this case.

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