Benefits of using Google AdSense in DFP Small Business

If you enable AdSense for your ad units, you can:

  • Maximise your website revenue: Integrated with DFP Small Business, Google AdSense maximises revenue automatically from your unsold and non-guaranteed inventory.

  • Show ads that interest your users: Going beyond simple keyword matching, AdSense considers the content and context of web pages in order to match Google ads to each page.

  • Access the largest network of online advertisers: With hundreds of thousands of advertisers and Google Certified-Ad Networks bidding for space, you'll have access to some of the most relevant, highest-paying ads available.

  • Choose multiple ad formats: AdSense ads are available in text, image, video and rich media. All ad formats compete in the AdSense ad auction to help you generate the highest-possible earnings for your site.

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