Visualisation charts

Visualisation charts are included for all types of reports. Use these charts to help you analyse performance data and trends over time.

A chart will appear by default when you open a reporting page. You can customise and generate your report as usual and the chart will be updated automatically at the same time. You can roll your mouse over the chart to see more-detailed data points for the time period that you're viewing. For example, rolling over each day in a line item report displays the total number of impressions each day above the chart. To customise the chart further, the following options are available:

  • Select the checkboxes next to the chart to view and compare several reporting statistics at once (for example, impressions, revenue and average eCPM).

  • Click the Show cumulative data button to view cumulative data trends over time.

If we have no data to display in the chart (either because the fields on which you've reported have no data points or because you've used the search box and we can't display data after searches), you'll see a score card (summary of data) instead of a chart.

At the moment, you can't export charts.