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Pause or archive an order

Pausing an order suspends delivery but keeps the order's inventory reserved.

Archiving an order files away the order and releases its inventory. When you archive an order that contains delivering line items, delivery is paused before the inventory is released. Archived orders are listed only in the "Archived" view of the Delivery tab, along with completed orders. You can reactivate the order by unarchiving it.

You can't pause archived orders. You can't archive orders that are pending approval.

To ensure that you can find your active orders easily, DFP periodically checks for orders that haven't delivered any impressions for the last 365 days. Auto-archiving runs every Friday and archives orders that have finished more than one year ago (as indicated by order end date). Active and pending orders aren't affected. You can always view and reactivate archived orders if you still need them.

Pause or archive an order

To pause or archive an order:

  1. On the Delivery tab, select the checkbox beside the appropriate order, then:
    1. Click Pause to suspend the delivery of an order. You cannot pause archived orders.
    2. Click More actions, then Archive to file away the order. You can view archived orders at any time: select More, then Archived in the list of order filters on the left side of the Delivery tab.

View archived orders

Archived orders aren't included when you search in DFP, but you can still view them. There are two ways:

  • On the Delivery tab, in the left-hand navigation, click Archived in the Orders section.
  • Use filters. At the top of the list of orders, click the + symbol to add a filter and choose Archived is True.
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