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Set frequency capping for a line item

Frequency caps limit the number of times that a given user can be served a line item within a given time period. You can add up to 10 frequency caps per line item.

Frequency capping works through the use of first-party cookies as well through third-party cookies under the DoubleClick domain. DFP will set a cookie on your site, then use this cookie to determine how your site visitors interact with the ads you display and where the ads were located.

Frequency capping may not work for a user who has disabled cookies.
Notes about mobile devices

Frequency capping on mobile devices works slightly differently from frequency capping on desktop devices. Please be aware of the following differences:

  • Mobile websites: Where a browser blocks the setting of third-party cookies but allows first-party cookies, DFP uses the first-party cookie. In such cases, frequency caps are only effective within a single domain, not across domains.
  • Mobile applications: Mobile applications use an identifier from the device rather than a browser cookie.

Set frequency capping for a line item

  1. On the Delivery tab, click the order containing the line item you'd like to edit.

  2. Click the line item you'd like to edit, then click the Settings tab.

  3. Under "Adjust delivery," select Set a per user frequency cap next to Frequency.

  4. Enter a maximum number of impressions per user then set how often the cap will be reached. Learn more about maximums and limits for frequency cap settings 

    For example, you can set a frequency cap so that a user will see 10 impressions every 2 weeks.

  5. Add additional frequency caps as needed. Combining frequency caps can help you ensure that users do not see the same line item too often.

    For example, you could set a frequency cap of 1 impression per hour, and a second frequency cap of 3 impressions per day. DFP will enforce both rules: a user can't be served the line item more than once per hour or more than three times per day.

  6. Click Save.

You can also apply frequency caps to creatives and ad units. You can set the number of times that creatives with a given label can be served to users within particular ad slots during a time period that you specify. If you've set both types of frequency caps, the more restrictive rule is always used.

Frequency capping and roadblocks

Frequency caps on roadblocked line items will count page views instead of individual ad impressions.

For example, a roadblock line item using the "As many as possible" Display creatives setting with 3 creatives and a frequency cap set at 6 lifetime impressions, will be shown 6 times per user for a total of 18 individual ad impressions.

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