Copy a line item

You can copy line items, saving you the time it takes to set up similar line items. When you copy, you can choose whether to include the creatives, make copies of them, or leave them out. To make multiple copies of each selected line item, use the Copy to option.

Copied line items aren't delivered until you manually activate them.

Copy line items

  1. Sign in to DoubleClick for Publishers.

  2. Click Delivery and then Line items.

  3. Use filters to find the line item you want to copy.

  4. Select one or more line items then click More actions.

  5. Choose the type of copy you want to make:

    • Copy without creatives: Copy the line items' targeting and settings but not their creatives.

    • Copy and share creatives: Copy the line items and associate the new line items with the same creatives as the original line items.

    • Copy line items and creatives: Copy both the line items and their associated creatives, so that new creatives are added.

    • Copy to: Use this option to copy line items more than once, and to copy line items into this or a different order. When you select this option, you can then choose to:

      • Copy without creatives, copy and share creatives, or copy line items and creatives.

      • Copy to the same or a different order. You can only choose from among the orders that belong to the same advertiser as the current order.

      • Indicate how many copies to make of each line item. The total number of new line items you can make at once is 60. For example, if you've selected 10 line items, the maximum number of copies you can make of each is 6, which adds up to 60 total new line items.

Good to know about copying

Once you select on of these options, there is not further action to take to complete copying. DFP copies the line items as you've specified. When you copy a line item that has already reached its start date, the new line item's default start date is set to midnight.

Activate copied line items

When you copy a line item to an already approved order, the copied line item's status will be set to "Inventory Released". To change the status to "Ready" and begin delivery:

  1. Click the copied line item to view its properties.

  2. Click Resume. If there's not enough available inventory for the copied line item, DFP will show a warning, giving you the option to resume the line item anyway.

The line item is now ready to be delivered once its start time is reached.

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