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Ad Exchange UI tag deprecation guide

Transition from Ad Exchange UI tags to DFP ad units

This deprecation only affects Ad Exchange requests through Ad Exchange line items in DFP. It doesn't affect Ad Exchange UI tags placed in directly on a page, or in a third-party ad server, which will continue to work.

Today, there are many channels available for selling your inventory. These channels include programmatic direct, traditional reservations, open auction, and mediation across mobile app, mobile web, desktop web, and video. Bringing DFP and Ad Exchange together helps you to seamlessly transact through any sales channel across all platform types, with full transparency and control.

Use this guide to restructure your Ad Exchange configuration and remove the Ad Exchange UI tag before it is deprecated. 

Watch the following video to learn more about this transition.
DoubleClick Ad Exchange: Transition from Ad Exchange UI Tags to DFP Ad Units (7:22)

What are the benefits of making these changes?

Using a single unit of inventory across DFP and Ad Exchange provides:

  • Full transparency and visibility across all sales channels and platform types. Maintaining separate inventory in Ad Exchange and DFP that represents the same real-world inventory means fragmentation and lack of visibility when reporting across sales channels. 
  • A unified and streamlined inventory creation and management workflow. Separate inventory requires creating two inventory entities and sets of tags that mirror this inventory. Unified inventory allows you to manage inventory from a single place, then reuse throughout the entire product for targeting and reporting regardless of sales channel and deal type.
  • Simplified workflows with higher revenue and more opportunities. Workflow simplification helps publishers spend more time on the things that matter. End-to-end sell-through and revenue transparency surfaces opportunities and helps publishers make smarter decisions about monetizing inventory. Furthermore, the deprecation of the Ad Exchange UI tags makes it easier to simplify your Ad Exchange line items in DFP.
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