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Troubleshooting tools at a glance

If you're using third-party creatives, take a look at the Troubleshoot third-party creatives guide. 

Tools in the DFP UI

Tool Description
Creative preview Can help you identify problems with your creative before it serves.
Change history Review most changes made to orders, line items, creatives, audience segments, users, and roles.
Non-delivery causes See why a line item that was eligible for an ad request didn’t deliver for the past 7 days.
Delivery Inspector See which ads delivered on your page, why these ads delivered and not others, if line items and creatives are configured correctly, and more.
Ad request simulator (for desktop, mobile web, app, or video) Simulate ad requests and help determine why a different ad delivered than the one you expected.

Other tools

Tool Description
Google Publisher Console Check for common GPT tagging errors, identify all of the ad units on the page, and view delivery diagnostics in DFP.
Google Publisher Toolbar Chrome extension that provides in-site ad overlays and details about the ad request, ad unit, order, line item, and creative.
Video Suite Inspector Allows users to see if the issue is with an VAST tag or with the webpage itself. Check response from VAST tag; Get sample VAST tag.
DFP Tags Generator Customize and generate ad tags without having to manually edit the code.
Chrome Developer Tools Set of web authoring and debugging tools built into Google Chrome. Allows you to view all ad requests and responses.
Capture HTTP sessions Provide an HTTP session of problems you report to DFP support.
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