Programmatic native ads with Ad Exchange

Use native styles within DFP to access programmatic native demand across mobile web, desktop web, and mobile apps

The Programmatic native feature allows you to create and programmatically traffic beautiful and highly engaged native ads from Ad Exchange for both web and apps. DFP handles the rendering of your native ads based on native styles you specify within the product.

Here’s an overview of how programmatic native works.

1. DFP gets an ad request from a site or app.

2. If the publisher has configured native backfill, we send a request to Ad Exchange, which sends out bid requests for any of the standard native ad formats the publisher can accept. Bidders provide native ad components instead of a traditional tag.

3. Ad Exchange demand then competes against the publisher’s direct-sold ads to maximize yield.

4. The winning native creative components are inserted into the publisher’s native styles — whether the creative comes from backfill, reservations, or programmatic deals.

Learn more about trafficking programmatic native ads with the quick start guide and more detailed instructions.

Native styles are created in DFP. As a result:
  • When using native with Ad Exchange partners, the parent publisher with access to DFP must create styles for the child account.
  • Native is not supported for Ad Exchange-only publishers. To use native, they need to re-contract to gain access to DFP.

Custom rendering option for mobile apps

This feature is currently in beta and may not be enabled for your network.

The Custom rendering feature allows you to render native creatives in your own app code, including programmatic native ads from Ad Exchange. You can implement highly custom renderings that take full advantage of the capabilities of Android and iOS. This delivery method is an option for sophisticated app developers who require full control of their rendering on mobile. This feature is currently in limited beta for programmatic native ads. Read the developer documentation for Android and iOS to learn more and contact your account team if you’re interested in joining the beta.

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