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Interstitial creatives are not handling orientation changes

When an interstitial ad is displayed and the orientation of a mobile device changes, the ad may become cropped if the ad does not correctly handle the change or a new ad is not requested. For example, as a device is rotated from portrait to landscape, the interstitial may appear cut off because the height of the landscape window size will likely decrease.

There are two options to prevent mobile app interstitials from being cropped when a device is rotated:

  1. Lock the creative’s orientation: In the DFP creative settings, the “Orientation (mobile-only)” drop-down option allows you to lock the orientation to portrait or landscape, depending on how your creative is intended to display.
    • Portrait: The creative stays in portrait orientation regardless of the physical orientation of the device.
    • Landscape: The creative stays in landscape orientation regardless of the physical orientation of the device.
  2. Design the creative to handle both orientations: Using CSS, you can design your creative to handle both orientations by displaying a different image for both Portrait and Landscape mode. This article provides example code under “Sample code for a rotatable ad”. With this method, there is no need to lock the creative’s orientation. Instead, you can keep the default of Any under the “Orientation” drop-down in the creative settings.
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